Let us help lift the clouds off your brand!
  • research

    Do you know the best audience to target for your products or services? Are you knowledgeable

  • marketing campaign management

    It is often said "Time is Money" and if you're spending a significant amount of time

  • marketing plan development

    A famous quote states "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail" and that couldn't be more true

  • marketing assessment

    Sometimes small businesses just need to sit down with a marketing professional to share

Who We Are?

Sunny Day Marketing aims to provide small businesses with an organic and empowering way to communicate their products and services to the world. By honest engagement and integrity, we will empower and inform businesses with the tools need for long-term success.

We offer strategic & promotional marketing planning, marketing research, campaign management, and marketing and branding assessment services to small businesses.

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Rise N' Shine

Rise N' Shine with us to find out new ways to expand your business. Read here to find out how to grow your business in all areas. We will feature business contests, events, resources, and anything else that can help your business shine.