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About Us

Sunny Day Marketing came into existence on a holistic retreat similar to one what one would think The Garden of Eden on earth today would be like. While rocking back & forth on a wooden swing while the sun shined on me, the lyrics to the song “I Can See Clearly Now” flowed through my head. As the last lines of the chorus tapered off “It’s gonna be a bright bright sun shiny day”, I knew the name of this company had been determined.

Since that day, Sunny Day Marketing has stood for optimism, breaking through to the next level of success, and radiating one’s brand to the world – through marketing.

We believe in the power of customized research and marketing planning to effectively increase a brand’s awareness. Our research-based approach enables our clients to reach their target market and connect with them in a way that leads to more consumers and more sales.



Sunny Day Marketing works with companies that want to stand out from the crowd in a unique yet effective fashion. Since our background is in entertainment and media we know how to get a message through a cluttered industry. In the entertainment and media industry, to achieve superstar status, it was very important for celebrities, brands, or media properties to differentiate themselves from their many competitors and that is the same mindset and strategy that will be applied when SDM works with your business. We realize there will always be competitors but true success arises when a company is deemed in a class of its own.


Over the course of her career, Nicole McGarrell has worked in a plethora of marketing areas ranging from Partnerships to Promotions to Advertising to Branding. This varied background has allowed Nicole to look at  marketing from different lens than most other marketers and develop ideas that are well-rounded in scope and provide a truly integrated marketing experience. As well, her optimism and solution-oriented attitude make working with Sunny Day Marketing an experience that is not only motivating but refreshing and effective.


If you’re interested in taking your business to a level where your business will shine brighter than before, and also maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers where you continue to help and serve them, contact Sunny Day Marketing today to see how we can work together.