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Conquering the End of Year Business Blues

December 19, 2013


We’ve all heard it before, the holidays are here, and it’s a slow time for business. It is almost expected that the end of the year marks less profit-more expense. We’re ready to break that tradition, how about you? Ushering in the New Year on a high note is but a few key moves away and if done correctly, you won’t feel like Santa has purposefully dropped coal in your stocking.  Some of the best marketing strategies are free, less time consuming than you think and you won’t have to miss a beat with your family during this holiday season. With your help, we are re-branding what the end of the year is known for; we are revolutionizing marketing to make it more dynamic and less costly for you.

What sells? Repetition does. Before you set out to market your business this holiday, keep in mind that others are probably gearing up to doing the same. Your goal should be to remain consistent, in a non-spammy way of course. By always positioning yourself in front of your customers, you become memorable and that is exactly what you want. Create a plan that would be effective for your business and stick with it. By having a focal point you will no longer waste time trying to figure out what to do next, your plan would save you time and energy, being your road map to greatness. Below we’ve listed a few ways to jump-start your marketing campaign on a small budget.

  1. Create Time Limited Offers to encourage customers to ACT NOW
  2. Seek to find what your competitors are not offering and offer it
  3. Send Emails, Newsletters, or Direct Mailers to stay in front of your customers
  4. Send ‘Thank You’ Cards. Remember that every customer wants to feel as though they’re your only customer
  5. Introduce ‘End of Year’ Incentives. Offer attractive discounts and/or Prizes
  6. Keep your Social Media Platforms up to date. It is not only ‘social’ it is also reputation management
  7. Give away a few branded items with your company’s logo on it. Magnets, pens, T-shirts are amongst some of the popular ones
  8. Have a customer appreciation/holiday party, give away favors with a discount card, your business card and of course a small token from your store
  9. Blog like crazy. Keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content allows you the luxury of being easily found on the search engines
  10. Be sure that every customer between now and the new year has copies of your store’s fliers and business cards

All of your marketing should be measured so that you can see your ROI (Return On Investment). Not all investments are financial but that does not make it less important. By knowing what works and what does not, it will help you determine what actually motivates your customers to buy and create new leads.

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